Spinach Burger Patties

One thing I absolutely love is a great burger!! But this isn’t just any regular veggie burger…it’s a spinach burger! Packed full of protein, this is sure to hit the spot anytime of the day! 

This is an extremely easy recipe anyone can make 🙂 I won’t be including step by step instructions with pictures for this one because the recipe calls for getting your hands super dirty and I couldn’t take pictures! However, here’s the final result 🙂 I enjoyed it on a burger patty with some cheese and some Asian chili garlic sauce…yum!! Not much else needed because the patty itself its sooooo flavorful!!


As you can see, this recipe allowed me to make 5 patties in total. I ate one and put the rest in a freezer bag and into the freezer…whenever you feel like eating one, just pop one out of the freezer and put it onto a hot pan to thaw it out and cook it through again 🙂 Make sure to cook each one though before putting it in the freezer! They cannot go in raw otherwise they will go bad!

Enjoy :))


2 packets of frozen chopped spinach

2 egg

2 tbsp olive oil

¼ cup of Mexican cheese

2 tbsp Lawry’s seasoning

2 tbsp garlic salt




  1. Drain spinach thoroughly
  2. Place spinach onto a plate and make a crater in the middle to be able to crack both eggs there
  3. Add cheese, Lawry’s seasoning, garlic salt, salt and pepper into the middle as well
  4. Mix with hands to be sure eggs are no longer intact and all of the spinach is in a big ball
  5. Begin making patties separating the heap into 5 patties, then rolling and flattening them into patties
  6. Heat 2 tbsp of water on a skillet
  7. Add patties to the skillet and begin grilling them until a brown crust develops on the outside
  8. Once patties are ready, either serve or set aside to freeze them to make it easy to eat them another day!

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  1. ivanka mendiola says:

    HMMMM, I have to try this one for sure.


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