Food Tips and Tricks for Dog Owners…

Lets take a quick step away from humans eating, and lets focus for one second on our furry four legged best friends 🙂 Eli is my 1 1/2 year old dog, soon to be 2 years old in December! I know some people are SO SCARED about what to feed their dogs and what can and cannot hurt them…so I thought I’d share some of Eli’s favorite human food to eat (not like he is very picky…).

  1. Olive Oil: I love pouring just a capful of olive oil over Eli’s dog food occasionally. Not only will he chow it down, but it’s perfect for his sensitive pitbull skin, which gets very dry over the summertime. It promotes a shiny, healthy coat, as well as clears up any type of dry skin/rash he has.
  2. Lightly salted Crackers or Wheat Thins: This is such a fun snack to give Eli, because he loves the crunch! These are NOT harmful to your dog, so if you want to give your pup a treat, give them a cracker sometimes.
  3. Raw Meat/Cooked Meat without bone: When Eli was less than a year old, I would only give him cooked meat, because I wasn’t sure exactly how he would be able to take raw meat. However, after a year, he doesn’t eat meat unless it is raw. Not all the time, but in moderation, I give Eli salmon filet, tilapia filet, or chicken breast/thigh in his bowl for a meal. I also include a bit of dog food in there too, so he won’t get too used to human food, but benefits of meat are overwhelming for dogs, especially large breeds! I recommend incorporating a little at a time, and see how your dog reacts, then keep it coming 🙂
  4. Fruits and veggies: The only fruits and veggies Eli likes (and that are okay for him to eat) are pears, blueberries, avocado (not the seed), green beans, and lettuce. Obviously these are treats or tiny snacks I include in his bowl, not meant to supplement a meal. side note: DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG GRAPES!!
  5. Eggs: As with meat, I used to give Eli only cooked eggs, but now will give him raw eggs. This is only once every few months, as Eli gets extremely gassy with eggs (tmi??). Know your pup and know when to stop, but again…so many health benefits!
  6. Acai Bowls: okay, if you are from California, you know how obsessed we southern Cali people are with Acai bowls…are so are some of our pups! Eli loves them! I only ever have gotten him the Acai bowl from Robeks Juice which has Acai juice, blueberries, and bananas. I never get granola, only the actual bowl and the fresh fruit on top. Sometimes, I will have them add a scoop of peanut butter for that extra bit of treat for him. PERFECT for a hot summer day after a hike/run (for both mama and pup).
  7. Peanut Butter: Let me just tell you how much I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! However, I was hesitant on giving Eli some (clearly with no need to be because he absolutely loves it!) This is something I give him very rarely, because he is used as a treat or just for fun. I like to put it on his nose so he is super occupied in trying to lick it off. Sometimes I will put it on a toy/bone so he stays focused on that for a while, especially if I am working from home and he is being whiny/needy.

This is all I can think of right now, but just know I will be updating this as more things come to mind, because I know there are more! You can ask to be sent notifications if you want the updated version always…stay tuned, and hope this helped some of your cautious (or curious) dog owners 🙂

xoxo, Ayesha


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