Avocado Tacos

If you’re from California, there is a 99% chance that you LOVE avocados and cannot get enough of them! Well, if that’s the case, these tacos will change your life (not over exaggerating, this is a fact from a true Californian-avocado lover). So easy to make, quick with limited ingredients, and a healthy meal…it’s like a triple threat!

All you need are 3-4 corn tortillas, 1 large avocado, a bit of Mexican cheese (optional, as much as you want), cabbage, cilantro, salsa, and tortilla chips. Trust me, these are extremely filling tacos, so you probably will be full after 3 of them!

All you have to do is warm up the tortillas, slice the avocado,and cut up the cabbage a bit, and you’re ready to assemble the tacos…seriously, THAT’S IT! I put some leftover refried beans and Spanish rice on the side and made myself a yummy healthy dinner!


This recipe is more to show people how EASY it is to make healthy meals, and inexpensive as well! You don’t have to go all out being a vegetarian/vegan…just be clever and you got this. If you need help reaching your health goals, please comment below and I will reach out to you. In the meantime, enjoy these yummy tacos 🙂


1 Large Avocado
3-4 Corn Tortillas
1/4 cup tortillas chips
Cabbage/Cilantro (optional)
4 Tbsp Salsa
Sprinkle of cheese (optional)


  1. Slice avocado, cut cabbage, warm tortillas
  2. Put together tacos! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy 🙂



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